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Doodle is a really nice web-based meeting availability tool. You know the drill, once you want more than 2 people to be in the same place at the same time, you end up sending out emails suggesting a time and place only to discover that some people are available and some aren't. To find that out you had to be organized enough to capture each person's response to see who can make it, who can't and who simply didn't reply. Then you have to start all over with another suggestion or two or three and the task just gets more and more difficult. Unless you are super-organized (not me), this becomes so frustrating you often end up not having the meeting or lunch or whatever the occasion was. Enter Doodle - easy on-line scheduling.


I totally and completely resent every second that I spend coordinating
and organizing meetings. I was so excited to learn about Doodle - love,
love, love it!

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Short Description:

Doodle eliminates the chaos of scheduling and saves you time and energy when you’re trying to find a time to bring a number of people together. You simply log onto their website, create a meeting "poll" that includes options for several dates and times for the meeting, add in the email addresses of the people you want to invite to the meeting, and hit send.

They get an email with a link in it - when they click the link they can see the date/time options and they can choose which ones work for them.  Everyone can then see who is available at which dates and times in a single organized spot. It's easy to pick the option with the most (or best) available folk.  So much easier than dealing with too many replies by email, often with incomplete information.

The service is used for business and personal scheduling by more than 10 million people per month.

What I like about it:

 It eliminates the need to track email responses from people indicating their availability for a meeting – that might sound simple, but it's a huge time saver!

I can see at a glance who is available, not by person but by time slot, and that's how meetings are planned after all.

Instead of using just one date/time option, Doodle enables you to propose several dates and times and the participants can indicate their availability online. You'll find the perfect time to meet in a quick and easy way no matter how many people and calendars are involved.

It's dead simple to use.

What I'd change if I could:

Some people report that these emails get caught in their spam filters - that is a major pain.

I'd also like some better explanations or more personalized emails for first time recipients of a doodle invite, those who are not tech savvy seem to struggle the first time through.

Lastly, I really liked the idea that I could connect doodle to my outlook calendar – I tried twice but never could get it to work.

Best for:

  • Teams that are spread out, i.e. not within shouting distance of each other.
  • Anyone who isn`t super organized.

Especially good for:

Small businesses and organizations where people don't all share an alternative scheduling tool, like Exchange.

Grandma test for simplicity:

Passed with flying colors

Mobile Use?

Its user interface is simple enough that it works on smart phones and the iPad had no trouble at all.

Free version available?

Yes, with subset of features that are plenty rich enough to get real value. Shows ads in the free version, a small price to pay.


In addition to a free version, there is a premium version for one user is $39 USD per YEAR, group licenses also available.

Bottom Line?

It's almost as good as having an admin assistant and it doesn't ever call in sick or take vacation days!

Link to website:



  • Simple
  • Rollback to previous version in case of problems
  • Lots of people already use it so you don't have to educate everyone
  • Works on all my devices


  • Remembering to "unshare" someone when they leave your team
  • For some things, ie providing a link to a file, I have to go to the dropbox website to find it

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