Organizing meetings with any number of people can be trying at the best of times - you always end up sending out suggestions for a time and place only to discover that some people are available while most aren't. Blurp's Meeting page offers reviews for meeting tools that can help you avoid this frustration altogether. From video conferencing software to screen sharing apps, this page offers the best collaboration tools for small businesses.

Thanks for dropping by. We`re just starting out and so far we`ve done a ton of research and organized many options for you in this category. Over time, we`ll add more and reviews so make sure to give us your email address so we can send you valuable information as we develop it.


A web-based meeting availability tool - it eliminates the need to track email responses from people indicating their availability for a meeting. Good for small businesses and organizations where people don't all share an alternative scheduling tool, like Exchange.

Pricing from $39 - $2,499 per year, based on the number of users. Additional pricing available for greater than 1,000 users.

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A web and audio-integrated conference call service for both local and international meetings. With VOIP compatibility, international dial-ins, call recording, IM chat, document sharing, etc.

Pricing from $5 per call to $13.95 per month flat rate for 5 calls.

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Free conf calls for those who wish to pay their own long distance. Also provide 1-800 paid service so users don't have to pay Long Distance. 

Pay-for options include "recording", "personalized greeting", and "desktop sharing" on a per use or monthly basis.

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Web-based conference call tool. Voice, multimedia, the works.

Free version available, Premium pricing from $24 per month to $49 per month based on the number of people per meeting and features.

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Simple screen sharing system. Lets one other person see what's on your screen - no muss, no fuss.


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A web-based group chat tool that allows you to set up password protected chat rooms in seconds. iPhone app available.

Pricing from $12 - $99 per month.

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Work on your office computer from home.

Pricing from $10 - $20 per month depending on team size. Large team custom pricing available

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A simple way to hold unlimited online meetings with up to 25 attendees. Start a meeting and share your screen with just a click, collaborate face to face with HDFaces video conferencing, and save with integrated audio conferencing (via VoIP and telephone).

Pricing from $49 per month or $468 per year.

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Conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 1,000 people – all for one flat rate. Reduce travel while reaching larger audiences around the world. Set up a webinar in minutes, generate more qualified marketing leads, and save with integrated audio conferencing (via computer and telephone).

Pricing from $99 - $499 per month based on the number of attendees (max 1,000).

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Hold interactive training sessions with up to 200 people – right from your desk. Save time and travel costs by moving your training program online, and increase revenue with the option to charge for training, all by easily setting up sessions yourself – without IT help.

Pricing from $149 - $349 based on the number of attendees

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Voice and video calls for free on your laptop, tablet, etc. Conference calls too. 

Free. Extra charge to make calls to landlines, mobile phones etc.

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Fax from your PC. Possible to keep your existing fax number, but there may be a charge.

Priced around $12.49 per month for 150 outgoing plus 150 incoming faxes. 

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