Human Resources

Keeping all the information related to employees organized and accessible can be a difficult task for any organization. Even small businesses have massive amounts of employee data that needs to be continuously updated and revised. Human resource management software and HRIS systems offer the ability to enter, track, and maintain this information easily and efficiently. Blurp's Human Resources page offers reviews to help you find the best HR software solution for your small business.

Thanks for dropping by. We`re just starting out and so far we`ve done a ton of research and organized many options for you in this category. Over time, we`ll add more and reviews so make sure to give us your email address so we can send you valuable information as we develop it.

Job Change Notifier

Provides email notifications of the job changes of your LinkedIn connections.


Not yet reviewed

Employee details, self-management, performance reviews, benefits, etc. all via cloud based services.

Priced from $20 - $400 per month based on number of employees.

Not yet reviewed



Human resources management system for small to medium size businesses. Allows you to streamline your administrative tasks without referencing filing cabinets, spreadsheets, costly HRMS/HRIS solutions, etc.

Priced around $395, with an annual support package available in subsequent years for an additional $395 per year.

Not yet reviewed


Simple HR

Light HR software. Allows you to maintain all employees' confidential information in a single secure place, with minimal training and quick set up.

Pricing from $199 - $395 based on the number of employees and admin users.

Not yet reviewed


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