Backup and Recovery

Data backup and recovery software is perhaps the most important investment a business can make - without it, valuable information is always at risk. Blurp's Backup and Recovery page provides you with the insight you need to choose the right backup software to proactively protect your small business, and the best data recovery software to save your information if it is lost.

Thanks for dropping by. We`re just starting out and so far we`ve done a ton of research and organized many options for you in this category. Over time, we`ll add more and reviews so make sure to give us your email address so we can send you valuable information as we develop it.

Handy Backup Software

An automated backup and recovery solution for any home PC or business server. Home backups provide HDD imaging, hard drive cloning, etc. Enterprise backups provide server backup options like MS SQL server and MS Exchange server backup.

Pricing from $39 - $599 based on the features required. Cloud backup services also available.

Not yet reviewed

Online automatic backup system that continually backups up your files, so you don't lose anything even after a crash. No hardware required - completely software-based. Some features only available for PC users, but Mac support coming soon.

Pricing from $229 - $599 per year based on the storage size. Storage above 500 GB extra.

Not yet reviewed

An automated backup and recovery solution, backed by EMC. Manage multi-user environments, schedule automatic backups, and monitor the health of those backups from a single web-based admin console. ISO 27001 certified.

Pricing from $17.50 - $19.99 per month based on commitment length.

 Not yet reviewed

Automated backup and recovery solution that features Granular Recovery Support for Sharepoint 2010, enhanced customizable recovery disk wizard, and an all-in-one USB recovery. 

Pricing not available online.

Not yet reviewed
Zip Cloud

Cloud storage for your documents, music, photos and more. Easy-to-use backup software for all files that syncs across multiple computers.

Pricing from $19.95 - $791.20 per month based on available space and users.

Not yet reviewed

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