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Nothing gives me more of a sick feeling in my stomach than knowing I am behind doing my expenses. You know the feeling don't you? For some reason I delay and delay and then when I finally get started it seems to consume huge amounts of time, way more time than I ever dreamt it would, and it's all non productive time! I quite simply despise doing my expenses. I decided to try thinking that anything that made it easier to do expenses would be a good thing, and I have to say that Expensify did that and more. It almost made it FUN – really!

Doodle Expense tracking software that almost made doing my expenses fun....

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Here's my review: Overall Rating: A for Americans, B+ if you are a Canadian

Short Description:

Expensify is web and mobile based software that makes it easier and faster and dare I say more fun to do your expenses.

What I like about it:

Like most software, Expensify has different value for different types of users. Some features however, work for everyone – specifically three things:

How cross platform it is. I just entered three different expenses, one on my laptop, one on my ipad and one on my blackberry and then associated them with the same report. It was dead easy. For some reason, filling out an excel spreadsheet is way more difficult than filling out the Expensify user interface. I was also able to scan receipts, email them to Expensify and drag and drop them into the expense report so I didn't have to keep the receipts in paper. I also took advantage of the coolest feature every, the automatic expense scanning. I took a picture of the expense form, and not only did it capture a photo of the receipt it was able to read the receipt and prepopulate the expense item with the date, vendor name and amount – saving me keystrokes.

The workflow is also nice. You can send the report to the person who has to approve it, and they can easily approve it, or question/reject one item. If you want to remove that item and resubmit, it's a couple of clicks and the questionable item is saved for you to act on later. You get notified of approvals and the system will remind you if you haven't received approvals for a period of time.

If you bill different companies for your expenses, it keeps track of that too.

It's also really nice to have all your expenses in a single location.

For businesses, it integrates with Quickbooks directly though I did not try this part. You can also do an export/import to other systems but this is often more work than it's worth. It can also support expense policies that you set up and automatically identifies policy violations to the user before they submit which makes the approval process far more efficient.

All in all, while it's not quite as good as handing off all your receipts to an admin, it almost feels like the software is actually taking some of work off your shoulders.

What I'd change if I could:

It does not support taxes as a separate line item. For Canadians who must track taxes, it is pretty much a non-starter.

Best for:

American companies who use Quickbooks.

Grandma test for simplicity:

The occasional confusion with the user interface was offset by the cool factor of the receipt scanning.

Mobile Use?

Its user interface is simple enough that it works on smartphones and the iPad had no trouble at all.

Free version available?

Yes, for a single user.


For personal use it is free, except for the receipt scan/read feature which is $0.05 per receipt.

For companies you pay $5/month for every user that submits at least one expense in that month – what's nice is that if they don't submit, you don't pay.

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  • Cross-platform
  • Workflow
  • Ease of Use
  • Quickbooks integration


  • Does not support Canadian taxes

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