Every business needs to know where the money is coming from and where it's going. The Blurp Accounting page is your guide to small business accounting: we provide accounting software reviews for a range of small business tools, from full service offerings that can handle all your accounts to single function products designed to add functionality to your existing financial system. We help you find the best accounting and bookkeeping solutions for your small business.

Thanks for dropping by. We`re just starting out and so far we`ve done a ton of research and organized many options for you in this category. Over time, we`ll add more and reviews so make sure to give us your email address so we can send you valuable information as we develop it.

Fresh Books

Great for small consulting businesses. Lets you create and track invoices, purchase orders and expenses easily. Integrates with all the major payment gateways like PayPal, etc. Perfect for small consulting businesses.

Pricing not available online.

Not yet reviewed

Targeted at businesses with little or no production/inventory. Pulls in account data from bank accounts, payment gateways and credit cards to provide a snapshot of money owed, to be collected, expense categories, spending patterns and tax liability.

Basic is free, Plus version is $9.95 per month.

Not yet reviewed
Wave Accounting

Targeted at businesses with little or no production/inventory. Pulls in account data from bank accounts, payment gateways, credit cards or you can manually enter. Provides a complete range of accounts including accounts receivable, payable, expenses, income statement, profitability etc. Similar to most small business accounting packages.

Free - Wave makes money through advertising to you and offering you deals like Groupon.

Not yet reviewed



Has everything needed to manage invoicing, purchases, expenses and payments. Takes data from your credit cards and bank statements to create financial data, reports etc.

Pricing from $9 - $52 per month based on the number of invoices and some features used.

Not yet reviewed


GNU Cash

Allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income, and expenses. A comprehensive basic accounting package for less complex accounts.


 Not yet reviewed



Simplifies expense management. Capture expenses from credit card reports, bank statements or scan receipts on the fly with your mobile phone and then submit your expense report. More accurate, saves time and makes tracking simple.

Free for up to 10 scans per month, $0.20 each scan thereafter, plus extra costs for integrating with Freshbook, QuickBooks.

Read Review For Canucks, does not yet support GST without a cumber-
some workaround

Time and attendance tracking by mobile phone or computer. Data collected exports to your payroll system.

Pricing from $9 - $49 per month based on the number of users.

Not yet reviewed
Free Agent

For freelancers, consultants, and contractors. Allows you to track estimates and time, create invoices, and take data from your credit cards/bank statements to create financial reports.  

Priced around $20 per month with no limits - all upgrades included.

Not yet reviewed 

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