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Blurp prides itself on providing simple, clear, and useful reviews to help small businesses take advantage of technology. But in order for these reviews to help small businesses, they must be written by knowledgeable industry experts who fully understand the applications they’re reviewing. That’s where Content Advisors come in. Here’s how it works: 

Each Content Advisor “owns” a category on the website, selecting the products to include, doing the evaluations, writing the reviews and engaging with the community.

What’s in it for you?

Get exposure
As a content advisor at Blurp, you’ll be promoted as part of our team of Subject Matter Experts. You’ll have a profile page, the opportunity to submit blog posts on the Blurp blog, run webinars and more, and you’ll be included in all our communications about your product area. As we grow, so too will your profile.

Gain followers and clients
Many small businesses want help using technology, and they’ll turn first to people they feel are both Expert and “Real”. Your expertise will be evident in your Blurp reviews and your personality will come across as you engage with the community in the comments of your reviews and in your blog posts which reflect what you think and believe. Blurp will encourage site visitors to reach out to Content Advisors.

What’s expected of you:

- Select products to be included in your category
- Evaluate products in your category, write at least one new review, review update or blog post per week.
- Engage with the community - respond quickly to user comments or emails
- Give feedback to Blurp on how to improve the site
- Abide by the Advisor Terms and Conditions

So if you are curious, love to write, have the ability to simplify the complex, and want to help others, we are accepting applications for Advisors in the following categories now - Apply today!

Accounting HR
Backup and Recovery                                Market Research
Business Intelligence Marketing
CRM Meetings
Customer Support Project Management
Digital Assistant Selling
Document Sharing Social Media
e-Commerce Website


Make sure to check out Blurp's Content Advisor Terms and Conditions.

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