Why I Started Blurp

I have a Love-Hate relationship with technology. I just KNOW that technology should (and could) be making my life easier as a small business person, but I also know that so much technology is either:

  1. Way too unfriendly
  2. Too hard to find in all the stuff out there
  3. Too much work to install, get working and maintain

Luckily a few things are happening that bode well for folks like you and me.

  1. Along came a Cloud. While this is a huge technology shift for the software makers, what it means to small businesses like us is that in many cases we no longer have to download (and later update) software on our PCs or servers. Now we can access software by simply pointing our browser to its location on the internet.  We can now use most software from any device (PC’s, phones, or tablets) from anywhere, not just the office.
  2. They finally figured out that we like to pay for value when we get it. For most of us, this is how we run our business. We delivery some value, we get paid for it. It’s not often that we can collect a huge chunk of cash up front and then take years to deliver. It’s the same with software now, in many cases you can now pay to use it, usually by the month and sometimes with other interesting usage-related models.
  3. The engineers have realized that non-engineers use their products. This has taken a very long time but Apple in particular has helped create a shift from functional to beautiful and easy to use. Their huge success has rubbed off on other companies and increasingly software is becoming much easier to use – not quite intuitive in all cases but getting there!

So if this is all true the last remaining challenge is finding the right software for you – to meet your needs, today.  That’s where we come in.

With Blurp, I brought together a bunch of folks who are pragmatic small business people who also happen to like software, not for the sake of software but for how it can help us run our own businesses better. We spend a lot of time finding and trying software and then writing about it. The end goal is to help you find the right product faster.

But one last thing, we wouldn’t have started this business before social media came around because we like nothing more than a good conversation so we want to have a community who is active and engaged and will contribute – after all you get out what you put in. So take a look around, read a review, check out some cool tools and please take a minute to comment, add your thoughts and share what you like with your colleagues.  And if you think you’d like to join Blurp as a contributor, just shout, we’d love to have you!

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